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A Sociological Approach To Education

by Rachel Brooks

Why should sociologists be interested in education and what’s the value of a sociological approach? Rachel Brooks explains.

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How Mobile Data And Social Media Could Change Health Insurance Markets

by Jay Bhattacharya, Timothy Hyde and Peter Tu


The rise of big data and social media is having wide-ranging implications for health insurance

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The Islamic Passion Play

by Marvin Carlson


The Islamic world has performance and theatre traditions, they're just distinct from those of Western countries.

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Whole Numbers, Natural Numbers And Integers

by Dexter Booth


Dexter Booth explains how using numbers is a more complex an idea than we might at first think. After all, how can they represent an absence of things?

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Critical Thinking In A Post Truth Era

by Louise Katz


Louise Katz on why critical thinking is important and why it's needed now more than ever.

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The Compleat Social Worker Part II: The Well Rounded Practitioner

by David Howe

In the second part of his Compleat Social Worker blog, David Howe shares his thoughts on how social workers can successfully navigate a complex profession.

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