Foundations of Health and Social Care

by Robert Adams « Related Link

Table of contents

Part 1 - Preparing to Learn

  1. Managing Yourself and Your Learning
  2. Skills for Studying

Part 2 - Contexts for Practice

  1. The Development of Health and Social Care
  2. Sociological Contexts for Practice
  3. The Values Context for Health and Social Care
  4. Physical Basis for Health and Well-Being
  5. Psychological Basis for Health and Well-Being
  6. Human Growth and Development

Part 3 - Knowledge for Practice

  1. Safeguarding Adults
  2. Protecting Children
  3. Risk Management and Safe Practice
  4. Managing Care in the Community
  5. Working with Older People
  6. Physical Disability and Sensory Loss
  7. Learning Disability
  8. Mental Health and Mental Illness
  9. Children's Services
  10. Drug Usage: Legislation and Administration
  11. Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Food: Abuse, Dependence and Treatment
  12. Working with Young Offenders
  13. Nutrition
  14. Hand Hygiene in Infection Prevention and Control
  15. General Infection Prevention and Control
  16. Promoting a Healthy Bladder and Bowel
  17. Illnesses and Conditions: Signs and Symptoms
  18. Pain Management
  19. Wound Management
  20. Multi-Disciplinary Palliative Care: Caring for People who are Dying and Bereaved

Part 4 - Working with People

  1. Processes of Work with People
  2. Assessment
  3. Planning
  4. Implementation and Intervention
  5. Review and Evaluation

Part 5 - Becoming a Reflective and Research Capable Practitioner

  1. Reflective and Critical Practice
  2. Research Perspectives in Health and Social Care
  3. Quality Assurance of Practice

Part 6 - Approaches, Methods and Skills

  1. Integrating Theory and Practice
  2. Promoting Health and Well Being
  3. Involving Patients, Carers and People Who Use Services
  4. Empowerment and Advocacy
  5. Communicating Effectively
  6. Cognitive-Behavioural Work
  7. Therapeutic Work
  8. Systemic Work
  9. Counselling and Advice-Giving
  10. Emergency, Crisis and Task-Centred Work

Part 7 - Roles and Tasks in Practice

  1. Working in Teams and Partnerships
  2. Multi-Professional Work with Adults
  3. Multi-Professional Work with Children and Families
  4. Occupational Therapy
  5. Making Good Decisions

Part 8 - Illustrating Practice in Different Settings

  1. Health and Social Care Work with Children
  2. Health and Social Care Work with Adults
  3. Residential Care and Day Services
  4. Moving On