Foundations of Health and Social Care

by Robert Adams « Related Link

Further reading

Please read these three notes before using this Further Reading list.

1. It is important not just to look at books. You should try to find journal articles. There are many journals on health and social care. I give a few journal sources here and there on this list, though there are literally hundreds and your college or university will have subscriptions to many of them.

2. You will find the Internet sources are plentiful. Although I give some key sources, my advice is that as a rule, it is safer not to quote digests of material you have obtained from the Internet, from what we call secondary or tertiary sources, unless you are absolutely sure they are authoritatively written. Summaries of topics written by anonymous authors are not to be trusted. You should only use the Internet to access original material – articles, conference papers, research reports.

You can safely quote these. The problem with many other Internet sources is that the content may be not as reliable as it seems.

3. As far as study and writing assignments is concerned, you will find a couple of more advanced books on literature searches and writing essays under Chapter 37, which is partly concerned with how to understand the integration of theory and practice and partly how to present material in integrated study assignments.