Marketing Strategy and Management

by Michael J. Baker


This book skillfully emphasizes the close link between marketing and strategy. Through the thoughtful use of executive summaries, the reader gets a quick overview of the subject but can also drill into implementation details when desired. A very accessible text ideally suited for MBA audiences and practicing managers. - Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Professor Michael Baker is our most revered and accomplished scholar, a brilliant thinker, teacher and a writer of immense talent. I suggest you read every word of this wonderful book. It is extraordinarily informative and challenging whilst at the same time being entertaining--- a rare combination for any book today. – Malcolm McDonald, Cranfield University School of Management, UK
This fifth edition of Michael Baker’s Marketing Strategy and Management does an outstanding job of integrating traditional marketing management topics, such as the “marketing mix,” into a modern emphasis on marketing strategy. As such, it would be an excellent choice for advanced courses in marketing. It is both student and faculty friendly. Just read the highly innovative Chapter 1, “Overview and Executive Summary”. You’ll see. - Shelby D. Hunt, Texas Tech University, USA
This superb book continues to be the definitive marketing strategy and management ‘authority’ – this new edition stimulates the reader and explores the most crucial strategic issues for savvy and successful marketers for today and tomorrow. – Ruth Ashford, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
This is a welcome addition to the advancement of marketing education and practice. Graduate and undergraduate students in marketing as well as practicing managers will find the book to be a valuable source of insights into marketing strategy and management related issues. – Rajan Varadarajan, Texas A&M University, USA
There is no question that this book is a tour de force of Marketing Strategy content, covering a considerable breadth and depth of material. It is well-structured, thoughtfully presented, instructively written and critically-evaluative. For the reader who wants to think about the complex, analytical and social processes of managing the strategic direction of the organisation, this book provides a comprehensive, instructive and reflective means from which to engage with the hows and whys of managing marketing strategy creation. No marketing student, practitioner or academic should be without it. - Dr. Lee Quinn, Director of Studies BA(Hons) Marketing, University of Liverpool, UK