European Politics

A comparative introduction, third edition

by Tim Bale

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Europe: A Continent in the making
  • The End of the Nation State? From Government to Governance: Running the State, Making Policy, and Policing the Constitution
  • Governments and Parliaments: A Long Way from Equality
  • Parties: How the Past Affects the Present, and An Uncertain Future
  • Elections, Voting and Referendums: Systems, Turnout, Preferences and Unpredictability
  • The Media: Player and Recorder
  • Participation and Pressure Politics: Civil Society, Organised Interests and Social Movements
  • Politics Over Markets: Does Politics – and Left and Right – Still Matter?
  • Not Wanted but Needed: Migrants and Minorities
  • Protecting and Promoting: Europe's International Politics