...and other important people

by Angus Bancroft and Ralph Fevre

Engagingly-written, Dead White Men is a highly original introduction to foundational theories and ideas in Sociology. That it does this by instilling a sense of wonder and imagination about the social world is part of its special appeal. Essential reading for all committed Sociology undergraduates. -Sarah Moore, University of Bath, UK.
This book offers a rich and inspiring insight into sociology's key theories and thinkers, delicately told through the story of Mila – the perfect introduction for students new to sociology. -Trudie Knijn, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
The theories are introduced gradually and develop as the chapter is going on, allowing me to process the idea in my head as I'm reading. The fact that the theory isn't given to you straight away in a few paragraphs makes this a lot easier to understand compared to other resources. -Luke, a sociology student
It allowed me, a student who had never studied Sociology before, to be gently yet thoroughly introduced to the topics I was studying in lectures and seminars. Mila's story kept me engaged by offering breaks in pure theory, instead showing how Sociology can be interpreted through the life of a student like me. -Lydia, a sociology student