Business Information Systems

First edition

by Paul Beynon-Davies

About the author

Professor Beynon-Davies has published widely in the field of information systems and ICT. He has written 11 books including Information Systems, Information Systems Development and Database Systems. He has also published over 50 academic papers on topics including the foundations of information systems, electronic business, electronic government, information systems planning, information systems development, database systems and artificial intelligence.

Paul Beynon-Davies has engaged in a number of government-funded projects related to the impact of information and communication technology on the economic, social and political spheres. He was involved in an evaluation of electronic local government in Wales and was seconded part-time to the National Assembly for Wales (NAfW) as an evaluator of its Cymru-ar-Lein/Information Age strategy for Wales. From 2006-08 he was director of the eCommerce Innovation Centre at Cardiff University which also included the Broadband Observatory for Wales.