Business Information Systems

First edition

by Paul Beynon-Davies


An interesting and original approach to information systems that combines business relevance with a sound theoretical foundation. - Martin Rich, Cass Business School, UK
A book to recommend. The author engages positively with the reader through continuous provision of examples, exercises and brilliant diagrams. - Laura Campoy, University of the West of England, UK
A great resource for Business Information Systems students and practitioners alike, this text brings contemporary theory and practice to life with useful case studies and practical examples. - Julian Coleman, University of Bolton, UK
Learning outcomes, case reviews and projects are extremely good; the Case Study Matrix is excellent. - Ulf Höglind, Swedish Business School at Örebro University, Sweden
Covers a wide range of essential topics and helps students understand the relationship between information systems and business performance. Each chapter has a clear pedagogical layout to help students conceptualise and apply theory. - Vladlena Benson, Kingston University, UK
A fresh and timely approach to the subject, this interesting and stimulating textbook is both challenging and mentally satisfying. It explains and justifies key processes fundamental to students’ future roles in the workplace. - Gordon Harris,University of Exeter Business School, UK