Business Information Systems

First edition

by Paul Beynon-Davies

Careers in Business Information Systems

As you will have learned through reading this book, information systems play a crucial role in business success – and therefore a crucial role in many business and management jobs. For example, information systems managers, systems analysts and IT consultants all work with companies to help them harness the power of IT and streamline their existing systems in order to meet their goals more efficiently and more successfully. And with the increasing role that technology is playing in everyone’s lives, it is likely that jobs of this nature will grow ever more important and numerous. Even jobs which are not exclusively related to information systems often require a sound understanding of the subject.

In this section we have collected together some links to places where you can find out more, and also provided some case studies of real students who, just like you, studied this subject, and found it relevant in the working world.

Case studies

Careers links

Business information systems-related jobs

  • British Computer Society website, which includes an extensive section on careers in IT
  • IT Jobs Watch, which tracks the IT jobs market and includes information on jobs in business information systems
  • Prospects, the official graduate careers website, which includes information different job roles within the IT and management sectors
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics, which includes details on business information systems jobs in the US and gives an overview of the BIS sector as a whole

Careers advice and information