Business Information Systems

Second edition

by Paul Beynon-Davies
John Linwood
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John Linwood

Chief Technology Officer, BBC

John Linwood is the Chief Technology Officer for the BBC, managing the Technology, Distribution and Archive Division which sits within the Operations Group. He took up the position in 2009, and is responsible for delivering the BBC’s technology strategy. His role encompasses the delivery and management of the broadcast and enterprise technology infrastructure behind all BBC output and overseeing the Corporation’s ICT requirements.

John joined the BBC from Yahoo!, where he was Senior Vice President of International Engineering. He covered the development of some of Yahoo!’s most successful consumer products including social networking, social media and user generated content through to more traditional Web properties such as media, eCommerce and search. Prior to Yahoo!, John spent eleven years at Microsoft, beginning as an Architectural Consultant in 1993 then progressing to a variety of senior positions within its MSN business. During his final post at Microsoft John managed all of MSN’s international engineering, driving its global quality of service initiatives, formulating its international hosting strategy as well as international product development.
Having watched the video, think about how you would answer the questions below. You might find it helpful to refer back to page 147 (Chapter 5) of the book.
  • How significant was the 2012 Olympics to the content strategy at the BBC?
    Through what channels, and what devices, are the services provided by the BBC accessible? How are such channels integrated?
  • How are apps being used in content delivery from the BBC?
  • In what ways are mobile devices changing the way in which BBC employees work?
  • How significant is cloud computing to managing the ICT infrastructure of the BBC and how is it used?
  • How does the BBC manage the sustainability challenge?