Business Information Systems

Second edition

by Paul Beynon-Davies

Cases from the Journal of Information Technology and the Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases

A number of case studies from JIT and JITTC have been selected for their cross-chapter relevance to Business Information Systems 2e.

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Additional lecturer teaching notes to accompany the case studies are available for some articles. Click here to request copies of the notes.

You will find useful summaries of the case studies listed below in the Case Studies section (pp.466-470) of your textbook. These include brief case descriptions, a commentary by Paul Beynon-Davies and some issues for consideration. See also p.466 of your textbook for a grid mapping these case studies to the Learning outcomes of the IS 2010 curriculum.

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On website only:

These case studies are available online only. But see p. 472 of your textbook to see how they map against the Learning outcomes of the IS2010 curriculum.

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