Business Information Systems

Second edition

by Paul Beynon-Davies

Teaching notes

Additional teaching notes for lecturers, written by the original JIT/JITTC authors, are available for the following case studies. Instructions on how to request these teaching notes can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • JIT2 - Modernization of passenger reservation system: Indian Railways' dilemma (JIT, 2007) by Shirish C Srivastava, Sharat S Mathur and Thompson S H Teo [p.467]
  • JIT3 - Crafting and executing an offshore IT sourcing strategy: GlobShop's experience (JIT, 2007) by C Ranganathan, Poornima Krishnan and Ron Glickman [p. 468]
  • JIT6 - Lessons learned from the development and marketing of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 (JITTC, 2011) by Leigh Jin, Bruce Robertson and Huoy Min Khoo [p.469]
  • JIT7 - Finding the process edge: ITIL at Celanese (JITTC, 2011) by Ulrike Schultze [p.470]
  • JIT8 - Peak experiences and strategic IT alignment at Vermont Teddy Bear (JITTC, 2011) by Janis L Gogan and Mark O Lewis [p.470]
  • JIT9 - Managing the Internet Payment Platform project (JIT, 2007) by Janis L Gogan and Ulric J Gelinas Jr
  • JIT11 - Wireless technologies at Agriculture ITO (JIT, 2007) by Eusebio Scornavacca
  • JIT12 - The ultimate bluff: a case study of (JIT, 2007) by Des Laffey
  • JIT13 - E-business transformation at the crossroads: Sears' dilemma (JIT, 2004) by C Ranganathan, Analini Shetty and Gayathri Muthukumaran

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