Health Economics

by Jay Bhattacharya, Timothy Hyde and Peter Tu

Table of contents

  1. Why health economics?

Part I: Demand for health and health care

  1. Demand for health care
  2. Demand for health: the Grossman mode
  3. Socioeconomic disparities in health

Part II: Supply of health care

  1. The labor market for physicians
  2. The hospital industry

Part III: Information economics

  1. Demand for insurance
  2. Adverse selection: Akerlof’s market for lemons
  3. Adverse selection: the Rothschild–Stiglitz model
  4. Adverse selection in real markets
  5. Moral hazard

Part IV: Economics of health innovation

  1. Pharmaceuticals and the economics of innovation
  2. Technology and the price of health care
  3. Health technology assessment

Chapter V: Health policy

  1. The health policy conundrum
  2. The Beveridge model: nationalized health care
  3. The Bismarck model: social health insurance
  4. The American model
  5. Population aging and the future of health policy

Part VI: Public health economics

  1. The economics of health externalities
  2. Economic epidemiology
  3. Obesity

Part VII: Behavioral health economics

  1. Prospect theory
  2. Time inconsistency and health