Focus on Social Work Law

by Alison Brammer

About this series

Providing a distinct range of study/reference resources for the student and practitioner which are suited to learning and practice in a variety of environments, the Focus on Social Work Law series offers focused, digestible and navigable content for readers in an easily portable form. In brief, the series will help students and practitioners to:
  • come to terms with unfamiliar (legal) language;
  • apply the 'big picture' to narrow areas of the law;
  • refresh and update their legal knowledge.

Download the Legal Skills Guide that accompanies the series here

I love the idea of these short law books. I'd definitely buy all the ones that are relevant to me without a second thought. -Victoria Hart, Social Work Practitioner

About the editor

ALISON BRAMMER, author of the bestselling textbook Social Work Law, is the lead Editor for the Focus on Social Work Law series. A qualified solicitor with specialist experience working in Social Services, including child protection, adoption, mental health and community care, Alison coordinates the MA in Child Care Law and Practice and the MA in Adult Safeguarding at Keele University.