Focus on Social Work Law

by Alison Brammer

Looked After Children

By Caroline Ball

Knowledge of the law when working with looked after children is fundamental to ethical and effective social work. This book brings together the principles, structures and processes of the law in a single, accessible volume.

Looked after Children is an essential guide for both students and practitioners within the field. It provides a clear account of current legislation, relevant case law and guidance relating to: routes to becoming looked after, placements, the transition to adulthood and alternative arrangements. The book also explores the law as it applies to children in complex circumstances such as unaccompanied asylum seeking children and privately fostered children.

The text is supported by a range of innovative features and boxed information to aid learning and stimulate reflection:
  • Key Case Analysis boxes summarize the details of particular legal cases and outline the implications for social work practice
  • Practice Focus boxes apply legal principles and processes to practice through the use of social work scenarios
  • On-The-Spot Questions reinforce understanding and encourage critical reflection

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This user-friendly book provides a clear and comprehensive overview which will be of assistance to students and to practitioners alike. -HHJ Sally Dowding, Wolverhampton Combined Court Centre, UK

Table of contents


  1. Overview of Legislation, Guidance and Key Research
  2. Accommodation Under Section 20
  3. Other Routes to 'Looked After' Status
  4. Local Authorities' Responsibilities Towards Looked After Children
  5. The Voice of the Looked After Child and the Role of the Family
  6. The Acommodation of Looked After Children
  7. Reviews
  8. Looked After Children's Transition to Adulthood

About the author

Caroline Ball, Barrister, taught child law and criminal justice at the University of East Anglia, UK. Her books include Law for Social Workers and Young Offenders: Law Policy and Practice.