Human Resource Management, 6th edition

Theory and Practice

by John Bratton and Jeff Gold Related titles »

Table of Contents

Part I The contemporary human resource management arena

  • Chapter 1 The nature of contemporary HRM
  • Chapter 2 Corporate strategy and strategic HRM
  • Chapter 3 HRM outcomes and line management

Part II Employee resourcing

  • Chapter 4 Workforce planning and diversity
  • Chapter 5 Recruitment, selection and talent management

Part III Employee performance and development

  • Chapter 6 Performance management and appraisal
  • Chapter 7 Learning and human resource development

Part IV The employment relationship

  • Chapter 8 Reward management and inequality
  • Chapter 9 Labour relations and collective bargaining
  • Chapter 10 Employee relations and voice

Part V Contemporary issues: HRM in a global world

  • Chapter 11 HRM and ethics
  • Chapter 12 Employee health, safety and wellness
  • Chapter 13 HRM and high-performance workplaces
  • Chapter 14 Leadership and management development
  • Chapter 15 organizational culture and HRM
  • Chapter 16 Green HRM and environmental sustainability
  • Chapter 17 International HRM and global capitalism