Human Resource Management

Theory and practice, fifth edition

by John Bratton and Jeff Gold

Table of Contents

Part one
The arena of contemporary human resource management

  1. The nature of contemporary HRM
  2. Corporate strategy and strategic HRM
  3. Human resource management and performance

Part two
The micro context of human resource management

  1. Work and work systems
  2. Organizational culture and HRM

Part three
Employee resourcing

  1. Workforce planning and talent management
  2. Recruitment and selecting employees

Part four
Employee performance and development

  1. Performance management and appraisal
  2. Learning and human resource development
  3. Leadership and management development

Part five
The employment relationship

  1. Reward management
  2. Industrial relations
  3. Employee relations and involvement
  4. Health and safety management

Part six
The global context of human resource management

  1. International human resource management
  2. Recession, sustainability, trust: the crisis of HRM