Human Resource Management

Theory and practice, fifth edition

by John Bratton and Jeff Gold

What's so special about the 5th edition of Human Resource Management?

John Bratton and Jeff Gold’s Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice is the classic text in HRM, and the product of more than 50 years of the authors’ shared teaching experience. It continues to offer:
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of all aspects of HRM and managing people in organisations
  • A careful balance of theory with practice, and of thought-provoking critical reflections with the ‘everyday’ skills of working in HRM
  • Strong learning features which ask students to think for themselves, encourage them to do further research, check and test their learning, and help them make the links between theories and the realities of the workplace
  • An engaging writing style which explains often complex ideas in accessible language
  • Plentiful figures and tables to clarify concepts in HRM and thought-provoking photos and captions
  • A whole host of quality online supporting materials, both text and audiovisual, for lecturers and students.