Work and Organizational Behaviour

Second edition

by Peter Sawchuk, Carolyn Forshaw, Militza Callinan & Martin Corbett


A list of useful websites is provided for each chapter of the book. Click on the links below to jump to each chapter.

Part 1: Work and organizational behaviour

Part 2: Individuals and work Part 3: Groups and social interaction Part 4: Organizational change, processes and performance

Chapter 1: Capitalism and Organizational Behaviour

The G20 Communiqué

The Mondragón Movement Management strategy Psychology Sociology Race, ethnicity and human rights

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Chapter 2: The social nature of work

Employment trends and statistics

  • (European Institute for Managing Diversity)
  • (search for ‘Eleanor Burke Leacock’ for information on issues of gender and sexuality)
  • (United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality)
Trade unions EU working time directives

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Chapter 3: Studying work and organizations


Durkheim Weber Taylorism and Fordism Organizational learning
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Chapter 4: Personality and identity

Personality testing instruments

Freud General

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Chapter 5: Perception and emotion

Visual Illusions

Learned optimism

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Chapter 6: Learning and innovation

Theories of learning

Theories of learning in the organization Life-long learning

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Chapter 7: Motivation at work

Motivation theories

Rewards systems in practice Management by objectives

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Chapter 8: Gender, race, disability and class

Ethno-racial organizations

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Chapter 9: Work groups and teams

Team Role Theory

Self-managed teams Work teams in practice Groupthink Milgram

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Chapter 10: Organizational design

Contingency Theory

Business process re-engineering Work teams Alternative viewpoints

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Chapter 11: Technology in work organizations

Relationship between technology and work

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Chapter 12: Organizational culture

Organizational culture

Hofstede and Schein

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Chapter 13: Leadership and change

Organizational leadership


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Chapter 14: Communications

Employee relations

International communication practices

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Chapter 15: Decision making and ethics

Asch and Milgram

Employee involvement schemes Employee involvement in practice

Follow the ‘employee participation’ and/or the ‘communication’ link to explore employee involvement practices in the four companies listed below. Corporate Social Responsibility

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Chapter 16: Power, politics and conflict

Power models in organisational analysis

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Chapter 17: Human resource management

Human resource management

Trade unions Cultural diversity Comparative HRM

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