Introduction to work and organizational behaviour

by John Bratton Also by this author

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John Bratton is Adjunct Professor at Athabasca University, Canada, and Visiting Professor at Edinburgh Napier University, UK. He was the first Director of the Workplace Learning Research Unit at the University of Calgary, and has served on the faculties of several British universities. His research interests span work and employment issues, and he was a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Workplace Learning, the Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education and Leadership. In addition to authoring this book, he is co-author (with Jeff Gold) of Human resource management: Theory and Practice (2012); co-author (with David Denham) of Capitalism and Classical Social Theory (2014); co-author (with Peter Sawchuk, J. Helms-Mills and T. Pyrch) of Workplace Learning: A Critical Introduction (2004); co-author (with Keith Grint and Debra Nelson) of Organizational Leadership (2005); and author of Japanization of Work: Managerial Studies in the 1990s (1992).