Introduction to work and organizational behaviour

by John Bratton Also by this author

Case Studies and Globalization and Organization Misbehaviour boxes

The grid below lists all of the Case Studies and Globalization and Organization Misbehaviour boxes in the textbook, the country in which they are based and the industry they focus on.

Chapter Case study/Globalization and organization misbehaviour title Location Industry
1 Managing change at Eastern University Canada Higher education
1 The appeal of temporary workers Australia, New Zealand Various, including hotel industry
2 Service with a smile: McJobs in China China Fast food
2 Upstairs, downstairs: The exploitation of migrant domestic workers UK, USA Domestic services
3 Butting out smoking in Russia Russia Tobacco
4 Identity and instability in an uncertain economy Western Europe, USA General
4 Identifying leaders in Nigeria Nigeria, Germany Gas, oil
5 Abused and undervaluing: gender and emotional labour USA Service
5 The blame game Fictional Manufacturing
6 Why is it necessary to motivate workers? Australia General
6 Equity at Find IT US IT
7 Skills shortage and corporate (non)investment in training Canada General
7 Learning to be green in New Zealand New Zealand Healthcare
8 Glass ceiling? Gender equity in the boardroom Various - Europe, Dubai, BRICs General
8 Equity challenges in South African police service organizations South Africa Policing
9 The worker-CEO pay gap Europe and North America General
9 Working but poor: organizing women in India India Garment manufacturing
10 Power and culture in work team relations France, Senegal General
10 Building cars in Brazil Brazil, USA Car manufacturing
11 Cancelling casual Friday at Sydney's CLD Bank Various - Europe, North America, Australia Banking
12 The "global race" and the China price Various - China, Italy General
12 Hitting the glass ceiling at Hotoke, Japan Japan IT and digital products
13 FIFA 2022: Bribery vs exploitation Qatar Football stadium
13 Ethical decision-making at Primark Various - UK, India, Eastern Europe Garment manufacturing
14 Dead Bangladeshi workers: are corporations really responsible? Bangladesh Garment manufacturing
14 Aiming for a paperless world France Accounting
15 Gender equality in times of economic transition: women workers in Russia Russia Various
15 Strategy and design in Australia's tourism industry Various - Australia, China, India Tourism
16 Predictable deaths at Lac-Mégantic: technology, OB and the profit imperative Canada Rail travel
16 Technological change at the Observer-Herald newspaper UK News
17 Bullying as a management strategy Various - UK, Australia, Sweden, Canada General
17 Changing the University of Daventry's Culture Fictional Higher education
18 Pfizer's bid for AstraZeneca US, UK, Sweden Pharmaceutical
18 Resistance at RIC Health Services UK Healthcare