Breakthrough Languages

by Brian Hill (Series Editor)

Other series by Palgrave Modern Languages

Palgrave Modern Languages offer a range of titles to help learners understand, speak, read and write foreign languages with confidence.
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Mastering Arabic

The Mastering Arabic series provides a lively and accessible introduction to Modern Standard Arabic, and can be used for self-study or in the classroom. The series includes two main course books, Mastering Arabic 1 and Mastering Arabic 2, and three companion books, Mastering Arabic Grammar, Mastering Arabic Script, and Mastering Arabic Activity Book. Please click on the cover to find out more about the series.
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Mastering Chinese

Mastering Chinese is a complete course for beginners which can be used for self-study or in the classroom. This modern, engaging and highly illustrated book teaches conversational skills, good pronunciation and the beginnings of reading and writing the intriguing Chinese script. Please click on the cover to find out more about Mastering Chinese.
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Palgrave Foundations
​The Palgrave Foundations series has been specially designed to meet the needs of non-specialist language learners following Institution-wide Language Programmes (IWLPs). Aimed at beginners, post-beginners and intermediate students, the books are structured to fit the typical university teaching year and assume two or three hours of class contact per week. The series includes beginners’ courses in French, German, Italian and Spanish, and intermediate courses in French, Italian and Spanish. Please click on the series cover to find out more.