Contemporary Strategic Marketing

Second edition

by Ross Brennan, Paul Baines, Paul Garneau and Lynn Vos


Our basic approach to this book, and our ambitions for the book, have not changed in the years that have passed since the first edition was published. What we said in the Preface to the first edition we would largely repeat today. However, we have taken the opportunity provided by this second edition, not only to update the material in line with current developments in the field, but also to augment the subject coverage to a certain extent. In particular, we have added a new chapter on international marketing strategy, and we have largely rewritten the chapter on services marketing strategy to provide a clearer focus on the key strategic marketing issues found in service industries. While several of the case studies have been retained from the first edition, we have brought in four brand new cases (Coca-Cola, the 2012 Olympic Games, Abbey mortgages, and a new BT case study) and have rewritten another three to reflect recent changes in the respective industries (UPS, BriCol and Golden Arch Hotels). In the Readings section of the book, we have retained four from our original five, but we are now using a 2005 article by Terrence Witkowski which we hope will stimulate students of strategic marketing to think in depth about the challenges of globalisation.

It has been fascinating to hear feedback from students and lecturers who have used the first edition of our book. In particular, we are gratified to have had so many comments from students of marketing about the readability of the material. Our aim was to write a book that marketing students would find interesting, engaging and comprehensible. We hope you will think we have succeeded.