Contemporary Strategic Marketing

Second edition

by Ross Brennan, Paul Baines, Paul Garneau and Lynn Vos

Table of Contents

Part one TEXT 1

  1. What is strategic marketing?
  2. Understanding consumer behaviour
  3. Organisational buying behaviour
  4. Understanding the competitive environment
  5. Understanding the macroenvironment
  6. Strategic marketing analysis
  7. Marketing strategy formulation
  8. Relationship marketing strategies
  9. E-marketing strategies
  10. Marketing strategy for services
  11. International marketing strategy
  12. Analysing strategic marketing case studies


  1. British Telecommunications plc (2001): strategic challenges
  2. BT plc: brave new world
  3. Competition in the UK ice cream market
  4. London Olympics 2012: the race for sponsorship
  5. Abbey: mortgage marketing in the UK
  6. Glaxosmithkline in South Africa
  7. UPS: 100 years of turning brown into gold
  8. News Corporation in the British newspaper market
  9. A tale of two wine brands
  10. BriCol Engineering Ltd
  11. Crisis in the European airline industry
  12. Golden Arch Hotels
  13. Marketing Australia to the world
  14. Trouble with the CPC100

Part three READINGS

Interaction, relationships and networks in business
  1. markets: an evolving perspective
  2. Revisiting marketing’s lawlike generalizations
  3. Relationship marketing: the strategy continuum
  4. Antiglobal challenges to marketing in developing
  5. countries: exploring the ideological divide
  6. Value-based marketing
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