Understanding Enterprise

Entrepreneurship and Small Business, fourth edition

by Simon Bridge and Ken O'Neill


The fourth edition of this book is a wonderful example of continuous innovation as it builds upon previous editions by adding additional layers of depth and knowledge. It is also evident throughout the book that the authors utilize their vast experience as practitioners and academics to bring the reader excellent insights into the varying perspectives held by different stakeholders. My recommendation is based upon my actions - I have already ordered the book for my forthcoming classes.- Professor Thomas Cooney, Academic Director - Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland and President of the International Council for Small Business
The significance of entrepreneurship and small business to economy and society are now widely documented and is reflected in the activities of governments, educational institutions and research institutes. This book makes a significant step in helping us analyze the underlying dynamics of entrepreneurship and its effects on the economy in an original and engaging way. It addresses a number of salient issues, from an examination of the people starting and running businesses through to the effectiveness of government interventions, in an authoritative and stimulating style. Each chapter tackles issues that should resonate with a number of audiences and is underpinned by contemporary research. Bridge and O'Neill have provided us with a book that is flowing with ideas and concepts, often challenging the conventional wisdom. The book is an essential read for those interested in the field of entrepreneurship and small business. Certainly it is a must read for students, researchers, advisers, business owners, policy makers and others seeking to understand entrepreneurship and small business.- Professor Robert Blackburn, Kingston Business School, UK and Editor International Small Business Journal
This book is a tour de force in the study and practice of entrepreneurship. It offers new perspectives in a fresh, innovative way and challenges old thinking. A must for students and academics.- Spinder Dhaliwal, author of Making a Fortune: Learning from the Asian Phenomenon and Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey, UK
Understanding Enterprise, fourth edition is a must read for students, researchers, educators and policy makers. Bridge and O'Neill's discussion of small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures is strengthened throughout by their use of key concepts and learning objectives. Finally, the book's treatment of policy and government interventions is spot on. A must read.- George T. Solomon, Associate Professor of Management and Co-Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CFEE), The George Washington University, USA and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Small Business Management