Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Start-up, Growth and Maturity

by Paul Burns New Venture Creation Corporate Entrepreneurship

Table of contents

Part 1 Entrepreneurship

  1. Entrepreneurship: The social and business revolution
  2. The economics of entrepreneurship and public policy
  3. The entrepreneurial character
  4. Discovering a business idea
  5. Researching and evaluating the business idea

Meet the Entrepreneurs

Part 2 Start-up

  1. Start-up: Developing the business model
  2. Adding values to the business model
  3. Launching your business
  4. Legal foundations
  5. Operations and risk
  6. Financial management

Meet the Entrepreneurs

Part 3 Growth

  1. Growth: Building the foundations
  2. Strategies for growth
  3. Financing the business
  4. From business model to business plan
Meet the Entrepreneurs

Part 4 Maturity

  1. Maturity – The exit
  2. Family business
  3. From entrepreneur to entrepreneurial leader
  4. Corporate entrepreneurship
Meet the Entrepreneurs