Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Start-up, growth and maturity, third edition

by Paul Burns


A highly engaging and contemporary text, Paul Burns’ revised edition provides a very practical approach to the study of entrepreneurship and small business. The case studies and case questions challenge students, encouraging them to reflect on their learning and enhance their understanding. -Colette Henry, Norbrook Professor of Business & Enterprise, Centre for Veterinary & Bioveterinary Enterprise, The Royal Veterinary College
A highly readable, comprehensive text for all students of small business. Its detailed coverage and explanation of the small business life cycle, adorned with rich examples and mini case studies, offers readers a solid learning experience related to the essentials of small business management. -Jay Mitra, Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group, Essex Business School
This text should be indispensible to any student of entrepreneurship. It combines well researched understanding of entrepreneurship issues with considerable practical guidance in the form of cases, exercises, advice and tips. I strongly recommend it to any one whether they simply want to learn more about entrepreneurship or actually set up their own enterprise. -Elizabeth Chell, Professor of Entrepreneurial Behaviour, Kingston University
A well structured contemporary overview of key aspects of the entrepreneurial process. -Sue Marlowe, Professor of Entrepreneurship, De Montfort University
The 3rd edition of Paul Burns' Entrepreneurship and Small Business was a joy to read. Its improved format and updated case studies, along with several other important additions, make it ideal for teaching at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is also an excellent handbook for practitioners who launch their own enterprises. -Mike Wells, Teaching Fellow, Entrepreneurship, City University
An excellent text for students to refer to time and time again. Very comprehensive. -Julie Logan, Professor of Entrepreneurship, City University
It is one of the most thorough texts that I have seen on the topic of entrepreneurship.The book could very easily be adapted for either an entrepreneurship or a small business management course. -Matt Allen, Northeastern University