New Venture Creation

A Framework for Entrepreneurial Start-Ups, 2nd Edition

by Paul Burns

New Venture Creation Framework

To help you develop your business model, the Worksheet below replicates the five stages in Phase 2 which are at the heart of the New Venture Creation Framework. The Worksheet is available both as a Microsoft® Word document, which can be printed out, and as a PowerPoint slide with simulated 'sticky notes' that can be written on. The PowerPoint slide is particularly good for group discussions or class presentations.

The Worksheet can be used to summarize and report on your progress as you undertake the Workbook exercises at the end of each chapter and develop your own business model. You can use the Framework to help you identify patterns, ensure consistency and develop the processes needed to deliver your business model. You can alter elements of the model and ask those all-important ‘what if?’ questions, working through the likely consequences without necessarily preparing a formal business plan (though it will help with that too).

At various stages in the book, you are asked to complete the Worksheet for the companies featured in the Case insights. You will need to fill in as many elements of the Framework as possible for these businesses, applying your learning from the Case. You may then wish to present your findings to other students on your course.