Personal Finance

Second edition

by George Callaghan, Ian Fribbance and Martin Higginson


The text will definitely appeal to students. It is very well written and very engaging. -Chris Veld, Professor of Finance, University of Glasgow
It has a good mix of academic and practical in an important new field. Content and style both work very well. It doesn't really have any competition. -Karen Rowlingson, Professor of Personal Finance, University of Birmingham
Covers most of the ground one would expect (bar international perspectives), reasonably priced and arguably has an opportunity to dominate this field as there is currently a lack of competition in the way of compendium texts dedicated to personal finance. -Chris Deeming, Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol
This is the best book on the market just now and is the one most likely to engage not only undergraduates, but well educated members of the general public who need to become financially literate. -James Mallon, Lecturer in Financial Services, Edinburgh Napier University