Business Strategy

An introduction, third edition

by David Campbell, David Edgar and George Stonehouse

Website outline

Business Strategy: an introduction will be accompanied by extensive online materials to aid teaching and learning.

About the book zone

This zone is designed to answer all your questions about Business Strategy: an introduction. It contains:
  • Information about the book, its approach, its content and its authors
  • Sample materials including contents page, preface and sample chapters
  • What others have to say about Business Strategy: an introduction

Student zone

Students will be able to check and expand their learning using the following features:
  • Audio case studies
  • A summary of the evolution of strategic management in an easy-to-understand format
  • Self-test questions for each chapter to make revision easy
  • Journal links
  • Weblinks
  • Links to interesting videos which will help elucidate areas of business strategy

Lecturer zone

The following password-protected online materials have been carefully designed to support lecturers in delivering their business strategy/corporate strategy/strategic management course:
  • PowerPoint lecture slides for each chapter to make lesson planning easy
  • Classic cases from previous editions of the textbook
  • 3 extra NEW case studies which are longer and more integrated, drawing together themes from several chapters
  • Lecturer manual containing notes on all case studies (which include ideas for broadening the discussion, summaries of issues will arise, and factors to be taken into consideration) and answers to case study questions

SPS zone (part of the student zone)

This zone contains everything students and lecturers need to make use of their FREE access to SPS (Strategic Planning Software):
  • Step-by-step user guides for both students and lecturers
  • A helpful software demo which highlights key features and explains how to use the book and software together
  • Examples of student reports created using the software
  • An extended case study for use with the software, if lecturers do not want to set a research project