Business Strategy

An introduction, third edition

by David Campbell, David Edgar and George Stonehouse

What makes this book so special?

Readability and accessibility: Written in straightforward language in an engaging style, Business Strategy has an on-page glossary, boxed key concepts and a special feature for ESL students (English as a Second Language) at the end of each chapter to help them make sense of higher level vocabulary. The authors use copious examples from real-life business situations that students can really relate to.

FREE access to Strategic Planning Software: This fully interactive and innovative web-based software brings the real-world of business into the classroom, allowing students to simulate future roles as managers and decision-makers in an organizational setting. Bridging the gap between theory and rigorous strategic planning and development, students will solve real, complex business problems.

Global in coverage: Business Strategy aims to be as global as possible with a full complement of international case studies, a chapter dedicated to emerging markets and a chapter on the international and global context.

Deeper coverage of schools of strategy: With a dedicated section on schools of strategy and its ‘Guru Guides’ feature running throughout, in which biographical information and summaries of the most important theories or key strategists are expounded, Business Strategy provides deeper coverage than other textbooks in this area.

Broader coverage of contemporary themes: Brought right up-to-date, Business Strategy has a whole part (part six) dedicated to contemporary issues and includes full chapters on Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics, Emerging Markets, and New Technology.

Its affordability: At £38.99 this is a concise and accessible alternative to existing high level and technical books on business strategy.