Business Strategy

An introduction, third edition

by David Campbell, David Edgar and George Stonehouse

Strategic Planning Software

Download the resources below to find out how to make the most of your FREE access to Strategic Planning Software, its features and benefits, how to use it in tandem with the book and how to produce top-quality reports.

Long Case Study: Moran Technology LTD

This long case study is for use with SPS software. Students should read through the case and use the recommended parts and individual chapters of the textbook within it to consolidate their understanding of the key themes it raises. They should then work through the software step-by-step, filling in all the relevant fields to arrive at a detailed analysis of the strategic position of Moran Technology Ltd which can then be used to make recommendations for the future of the company. Their analysis and recommendations can then be exported from the software into a Word or PDF document that can be submitted as a final report to lecturers for grading.

Alternatively, this case study can be used on its own in seminars to spark discussion of the major topics it covers, and teaching notes are included for the lecturer for this purpose in the password-protected lecturer zone.

Examples of reports:

These are examples of PowerPoint documents students can produce from their written reports to accompany seminar presentations:
These are real reports completed by students using the Strategic Planning Software and exported from the software as Word documents

These materials have been put together with the help of Emanuel Gomes and the example PowerPoint presentations and Word document reports were kindly provided by students at Coventry University. The case study for use with the SPS software was written by Richard Pettinger.