Business Strategy

An introduction, third edition

by David Campbell, David Edgar and George Stonehouse

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Here you will find some interesting videos to consolidate your understanding of key terms and theories within business strategy:

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Chapter 1

Henry Mintzberg interviewed by Michael Kull and discussing artificial distinctions between strategy and operations:

Michael Porter on what is strategy:

A synopsis of the business management book Blue Ocean Strategy:

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Chapter 2

Jay Barney talks about the resource-based view (RBV) of the firm:

Coimbatore K. Prahalad discusses competitive advantage and core competences of the firm:

Richard Rumelt has a conversion with Duke Whang on what makes good corporate strategy and the focus of resources on business objectives:

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Chapter 3

A New World Order in Innovation - James Andrew, senior partner and head of the global innovation practice at Boston Consulting Group, talks about the Bloomberg BusinessWeek/BCG annual ranking of the most innovative companies, in particular the ascension of Asia:

Phillip Kotler talks about marketing strategy:

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Chapter 4

An example of Lean Manufacturing at work in a Toyota plant in Kentucky:

John Kay talks about the need for many new perspectives in business and economics, and a constant grounding of theory with actual practices on the ground:

Oren Harari (University of San Francisco professor, speaker and best-selling author) talks about how to lead the market rather than responding to it, and how value can be created in an already crowded marketplace.

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Chapter 5

Geert Hofstede talks about Power Distance:

Geert Hofstede on Collectivism or Individualism:

Charles Handy talks about his best-selling book The New Philanthropists which discusses and analyses a new generation of ‘social’ as well as business entrepreneurs (from 2006):

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Chapter 6

Nicole Bassett, Patagonia's Social Responsibility Manager, talks about what a social audit is and why they are conducted. Alex Kaufman of Global Solutions, a third-party auditing group, describes why social audits are important in the apparel industry:

David Norton on the importance of executing strategy in organizations:

Colleen Cunningham on the increasing move towards global accounting standards (IFRS):

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Chapter 7

Arnaud de Puyfontaine from Hearst UK talks about digital being the catalyst of change:

Don Tapscott discusses technology changes and their impact on the world of business:

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Chapter 8

Tips on drawing up a SWOT analysis by Dr David Furse:

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Chapter 9

Tips on drawing up a SWOT analysis by Dr David Furse:

Don Tapscott of Macrowikinomics talks about restructure of the corporation given technological influences:

Don Tapscott discusses the impact of the economic climate on business:

The effect of the Gulf oil spill on local business:

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Chapter 10

An interview with Michael E. Porter on his five forces model:

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Chapter 11

Theodore Levitt talking about global markets:

George Yip talks about global value chains:

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Chapter 12

How to perform a SWOT for an organisation
(Erica Olsen from<p>

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Chapter 13

Henry Mintzberg discusses the differences between strategy and operations:

An interview with Michael Porter on the five competitive forces that shape strategy:

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Chapter 14

Ansoff’s matrix:

Rick Funston at Deloitte & Touche, LLP, explains how risk avoidance too often undermines successful strategy:

Staffan Engstrom, the Strategy Director at Carillion, talks about strategic risk, financial risk and operational risk and adds some examples along the way:

Steffan Engstrom on assessing risks:

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Chapter 15

Strategies to help grow your business (from Get Set for Business):

Professor J. Fred Weston at the UCLA Anderson School of Management talks about what makes a good merger:

The merger of Orange and T Mobile:

The merger of BA and Iberia:

Australian web advertising provider fulfilNET Australia announces its strategic alliance with Google for Yodel Australia to sell the Google AdWords service in South Africa, Ireland and the UK in a move that will propel the company's international expansion strategy under the brand Yodel:

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Chapter 16

The CEO of Zappos describes how Zappos builds company culture:

Google’s company culture:

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Chapter 17

Warren Bennis on Leadership Development:

Leadership styles:

Desmond Tutu discusses what makes a good leader:

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Chapter 18

Reid Hoffman, founder and CEO of LinkedIn, talks about how to harness the power of social networking for business development and what it can do for individuals in the midst of rapid globalization:

Mark Zuckerberg on the three keys to Facebook's success:

The Open University and their use of Second Life:

An overview of the key events in business and technology from the last decade:

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Chapter 19

An introduction to the philosophy of W. Edwards Deming, the man who taught the Japanese how to constantly improve systems of production.

Part 1 of 3:

Part 2 of 3:

Part 3 of 3:

Joseph M. Juran talks about the impact of technology on the environment:

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Chapter 20

Coming soon.

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Chapter 21

Rajesh Chandy from LBS talks about the role of the digital in emerging markets:

A talk by Hans Rosling on the emergent markets of China and India:

Nirmalya Kumar from LSB thinks that emerging markets will drive global growth in a year:

Nirmalya Kumar from LSB on what can be learned from emerging markets:

Martin Jacques talks about understanding the rise of China:

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