Practical Social Work Series

by Founding Editor: Jo Campling

About the series

As an educator the series appeals to me. It offers summaries of key concepts which can be adapted and used in teaching ...In terms of theoretical concepts, methods and basic skills, I find the series engaging and well delivered. -Andrea Collins Senior Lecturer/Course Leader in Social Work, Faculty of Business, Education and Professional Studies, University of Gloucestershire, UK.
The concept of the series was developed to fulfil a genuine professional need for a carefully planned, coherent series of textbooks that would contribute to practitioners’ skills, development and professionalism. 

The books seek to provide social work students, practitioners, lecturers and educators with reliable, contemporary practice guidance, underpinned by theory, policy and law. 

Feedback from many readers has confirmed that this is a trusted series with educational value. Many of the texts are considered ‘classics’ and they are all highly reliable resources, with broad appeal. The books are suitable not just for undergraduate social work students but also for practitioners returning to study at post-qualifying level and those simply wanting to refresh their thinking in practice. They offer an accessible entry point alongside sufficient depth so that reader’s to will continue to find insight beyond the first point of use.

As part of the relaunch, we have maintained, but also improved the high quality and reliable content of the books, offered a new design to accommodate new features and help improve accessibility and navigation, and developed new and existing features to offer further support.

These features include:
  • Chapter overviews – short bullet point summaries highlighting key discussion points. This will give less confident readers an entry point into the text, they will support revision and act as helpful ‘signposts’ for the different topics and debates found within a chapter.
  • Practice Focus – examples of social work practice and service user perspectives. ‘Real-life’ scenarios and vignettes from practice offer an insight and help ground theory and points of discussion. Practice Focus boxes are also used to highlight dilemmas and complex areas of social work.
  • Point for Reflection – reflective questions woven throughout the text. These offer readers natural breaks to stop and think about what they are reading, aiding critical reflection and for checking comprehension.
  • Putting it into Practice – questions, exercises and activities suitable for students, particularly when on placement, and practitioners. These activities draw on practice experience and are practice-based. These can be used for individual study or group activities.
  • Messages from Research – summaries of research studies, identifying the key findings and the message/action to be taken from them. Inserted throughout the text, these support evidence-based practice and identify key papers for further reading and referencing in assignments.
  • Further Resources – a list of books, chapters, articles and websites, that give readers guidance on quality to items to explore for extending their understanding of a topic.

About BASW
The series is published in association with the British Association of Social Workers. Relaunched to meet the ever-changing needs of the social work profession, the series has been reviewed and revised with the help of the BASW Editorial Advisory Board: 

Peter Beresford
Jim Campbell
Monica Dowling
Brian Littlechild
Mark Lymbery
Fraser Mitchell
Steve Moore 

Under their guidance each book marries practice issues with theory and research in a compact and applied format.