Practical Social Work Series

by Founding Editor: Jo Campling


Ethics & Values in Social Work
Endorsements of the previous edition:
... provides a comprehensive yet deep analysis on the ever changing context of social work practice... useful for academics teaching practical ethics, for social work students, and a real windfall for social work practitioners... -British Journal of Social Work 
Excellent overview for social work students that comprehensively addresses key issues for consideration. -Kim Robinson, Lecturer in Social Work, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, University of Kent, UK
... combines an easy to read style with key information around the subject. -Dave Mason, Lecturer, Faculty of Health, Staffordshire University, UK 
Essential reading for social work students.. -Tanya Moore, School of Social, Community and Health Studies, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Social Work Practice
This book is a classic that has stood the test of time. It has the edge over the competition in terms of reputation, the range of areas covered in a holistic way and the high quality level of discussion and analysis. -Professor Brian Littlechild, Associate Head of School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, University of Hertfordshire, UK and Chair of BASW Editorial Advisory Board 
I will happily recommend the text to all social work students across the qualifying period of their studies. It is essential introductory reading, because:

- it is selectively informative, yet comprehensive, and covers the core elements of what students need to engage with as they embark on their studies leading to the social work qualification
- it is written in language that is student friendly and yet academic, so that students will access and engage with, and develop better understanding of social work concepts that are in current use
- it features case studies, reflective exercises, chapter introductions and overviews, and research prompts - all of which will further facilitate better understanding and engagement with social work practice for the novice social work student, whatever their learning approach/needs might be
- it enables students to make the links 'from theory to practice' a less daunting, and enjoyable experience

I have confidence in the author's established credibility and leadership in contributing to social work education.

-Marie Joseph, Independent Academic in Social Work and Former Senior Lecturer at University of East London, UK
Endorsements of the previous edition
[A] key text for social work students and a useful resource for practitioners and lecturers. -British Journal of Social Work 
The book has always been a perfect jumping off point for students. -Social Work Practice 
Fantastic book...Easy book to read, good examples and easy to apply in practice. -Von Kelso, Practice Learning Assessor and Lecturer, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Hull, UK 
This is an excellent core text for student social workers...[it] forms the basis by which students have to underpin their fieldwork practice. -Marguerita McGovern, Department of Political Science & Sociology, National University of Ireland

Working with Abused Children
A very good read – ideal for professionals working with abused children. I would definitely recommend it. -Professor Monica Dowling, Head of Department for Social Work, Open University, UK
Endorsements of previous edition:
[A] comprehensive and insightful book which brings together theory, practice and up-to-date research...a useful addition to any personal library or resource room. -British Journal of Social Work
From the start the reader is drawn in to Working with Abused Children with admirable ease by Celia's concise writing style and logical order of content...I would recommend this book to anyone working with children across the older professional and voluntary boundaries as it provides practical ways that we can all help abused children. -Margaret Simms, Social Policy and Social Work

Social Work with Disabled People
Students are able to engage intellectually with the social model, and this is clearly summarized throughout the chapters with explanation of the historical development. There are specific examples which enable students to start to consider the experience of disabled people. This remains a powerful text which challenges students to address issues of discrimination. -Jackie Hughes, Senior Lecturer, University of Huddersfield, UK
Endorsement of previous edition:
The book is a 'must have' for students on post qualifying courses, practitioners and social work educators as it is an excellent tool for prompting critical reflection on practice at this level...The authors' discussion of the use of counseling in social work with disabled people is excellent. -Pauline Noden, Social Policy and Social Work

Social Work with Older People 
Like the previous editions of this text, this newly updated version remains highly relevant as core reading for students on undergraduate and postgraduate social work courses and social work practitioners. The content is comprehensive, integrating relevant policy, theory and research throughout the chapters. I would anticipate that this book will be as widely read and respected as previous editions. -Denise Tanner, Lecturer in Social Work, University of Birmingham, UK 
I will be confidently recommending this text to students, as has been the case with its predecessors. This includes students on qualifying courses both in the final year of their degree and at post-graduate level. I believe that there is sufficient criticality to merit study at the higher academic level, while the focus on the value of social work ensures that the book is important for all students in qualification. -Mark Lymbery, Associate Professor of Social Work, University of Nottingham, UK
Endorsements of the previous edition:
[A] scholarly, well founded book that makes the case for the importance of social work with older people. -Ageing & Society 
Highly recommended to students and practitioners...a wide-ranging and interest-sparking book... -British Journal of Social Work 
Welcoming for social work students new to social work with older people and as an invaluable handbook for practice learning, this text will also benefit their supervisors and assessors as a benchmark to the required knowledge and skills at this level. -Trish Hafford-Letchfield, Social Policy and Social Work

Anti-Discriminatory Practice
Endorsements of the previous edition:
Undoubtedly, Anti-Discriminatory Practice remains an important text for us all. -British Journal of Social Work
This book should be read by any student who is training to be a human services practitioner. Good practice has to be anti-discriminatory practice, and Thompson sensitively explains why we all need to challenge our own prejudices on an ongoing basis. -Andrea Hollomotz, Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK 
Classic text, useful on all social work modules -Robert Goemans, Faculty of Health Life & Social Sciences, University of Lincoln, UK 
Neil Thompson's books continue to be essential reading for students. -Dave Mason, Lecturer, Faculty of Health, Staffordshire University, UK