Human Resource Development

A Concise Introduction

by Ronan Carbery


This book provides a compassionate understanding of not only the fundamentals and processes of HRD, but also of the field's contemporary challenges. It offers insights to those who do not fully appreciate the complexity of HRD and validation for those with a hands-on understanding of the general topics within HRD - an erudite but easy guide for students as well as practitioners. -Jeanette Lemmergaard, Associate Professor of HRM and Head of Department, University of Southern Denmark, Denmar
I will definitely be recommending this book. The authors have expert knowledge of the field and skilfully analyse the complex relationship between HRM and HRD in a way that is rarely explored in other texts. The book offers a welcome new dimension to the subject and succeeds in integrating theory with a questioning of taken-for-granted assumptions. This balancing of simplicity with complexity and breath with depth makes an ideal introductory text for all students studying people management, including executive MBAs. -Aileen Lawless, Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University, UK