Human Resource Management

A Concise Introduction

by Ronan Carbery and Christine Cross

What's so special about Human Resource Management: a concise introduction?

This fresh new introduction to HRM from Ronan Carbery and Christine Cross provides concise and skills-focused coverage of all core areas of the discipline, along with a range of innovative, practical, real-world learning features. Human resource management:
  • Is perfectly suited to a 12 week module in HRM on a business and management course. It covers all of the key topics, such as selection and reward, while also including chapters on equality, diversity, CSR and career development.
  • Enables students to develop the practical skills that will be useful to them in their future careers through the use of a skills development section at the beginning of the book (covering presentation skills, time management, and persuasion and influencing skills), ‘Building your skills’ features which asks students to put themselves in the shoes of a line manager and solve problems, and ‘Spotlight on Skills’ video and text features which asks students to identify problems in the workplace and develop solutions.
  • Has been praised for its straightforward and accessible writing style. It offers clear definitions and concise explanations of key concepts.
Finally a book that is written in language that is simple to understand. The definitions are clear and the concepts adequately defined. -Rea Prouska, Middlesex University, UK
It is also one of the most clearly written and easy-to-read texts that I have seen. -Henrik Sørensen, Aarhus University, Denmark
Human resource management: a concise introduction explains concepts in a way that students will immediately understand. -Magda Bezuidenhout, University of South Africa, South Africa
  • Is packed full of interactive and engaging learning features, such as ‘Consider this…’ which ask reflective questions, ‘HRM in the news’ which provide examples of media coverage of particular topics to show them at work in the real world, and ‘Active case studies’ on well-known organisations such as Apple and Volvo, which are accompanied by practical tasks and questions. It also contains a range of figures, tables and photos and has a vibrant and attractive full colour page design.
  • Is the most affordable introduction to HRM available.