Strategic Leadership Development

Building World Class Performance

by Colin Carnall and Chris Roebuck


This is a valuable, experience-based textbook, which addresses the complexities of everyday leadership and management processes, enriched with theory and illustrated with a wide range of informative case studies. This book delivers what it promises on emergent leadership, and serves as a reflective guide and ideal learning manual for students and professionals alike. -Wil Foppen, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
This book seamlessly weaves together academic research and real-life practice to present a compelling and challenging view of leadership today, and its focus on strategic leadership is refreshingly different from books that discuss leadership as a generic phenomenon. This book is a must read for students studying leadership, as well as leaders engaged with strategic decisions. -Malcolm Higgs, Southampton University, UK
This book provides an excellent reference for students as a well as senior executives and CEOs, by effectively relating theory and practice. By exploring various aspects of leadership and using evidence from the case studies, the authors paint a composite picture of leadership in organisations but also highlight the important contribution of strategic leadership to high performance. This book demonstrates how leadership is the driver of organisational success and provides strong evidence as to why strategic leadership matters. -Lawrie Drysdale, University of Melbourne, Australia