Evolution and Human Behaviour

Darwinian Perspectives on the Human Condition

by John Cartwright

Our experience of the world is driven by processes common to all animals: growth, survival, reproduction and death.

Evolution and Human Behaviour explores the complexities of the human experience through the lens of Darwinism, drawing on a long and vibrant tradition of different theories and interpretations. This textbook offers a compelling synthesis of key concepts, addressing human thought, feeling and behaviour in fundamental evolutionary terms.

The third edition of Evolution and Human Behaviour:

  • Has been revised, updated and expanded throughout, with new chapters on health and disease, homosexuality, the nature of adaptations and life history theory
  • Includes brand-new material on epigenetics, patterns of crime, error management theory, moral foundations theory, religion and gene culture co-evolution
  • Is accompanied by a companion website offering additional reading material and useful practice questions

Written for students of psychology, human biology, ethology, anthropology and human behavioural ecology, this is an essential introduction for anyone who wishes to understand how human behaviour has evolved.