Biology for Health

Applying the activities of daily living

by S.H. Cedar


Module content for anatomy and physiology is amply covered. The writing style is a key strength and very welcome. The fact that detail is not avoided is the key advantage to this large volume. There is more depth than initially needed but this simply means that students can return to it. Other introductory A&P books students grow out of very quickly – that won't happen here and I would recommend the spend to students on this basis. Textbooks are expensive, students really need to invest well. Kevin Barrett, Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Paramedic Practice and Senior Lecturer for Pre-Registration Nursing Anatomy and Physiology modules, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Brighton, UK
I love the concept of presenting bioscience within an ADL framework. This approach sits very well within the philosophy of holistic health care and nursing curricula in particular. As a teacher of pre-registration nursing students I love this book. It provides an important alternative approach to reductionist models that use body systems or regions to present information. I would certainly encourage my students to buy it as it lacks the overwhelming density of most anatomy and physiology texts…it makes complex concepts more accessible Dr Melanie Birks, Associate Professor and Deputy Dean of the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Central Queensland University, Australia
I found the book very readable and I like the format and structure. The identification of activities of daily living is an interesting ploy that simultaneously gives a topic focus whilst retaining an overall conceptual framework. The reader is not faced with acres of dense text at any point, and the Health Connection panels continually reinforce the relevance. The structure lends itself to a topic focussed approach and the book is also easy to dip into for general interest. It does provide an excellent foundation. The book is clear and wide ranging and should prove a valuable addition to the student's bookshelf. Get it into e-reader form and insist they carry it with them at all times! Jim Clough, Senior Lecturer in Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, University of Gloucestershire, UK