Technology Management

Activities and tools

by Dilek Cetindamar, Rob Phaal and David Probert

General resources
The Management Tool Catalogue (T–Cat) contains more than 850 management tools and frameworks, predominantly of the ‘matrix’ or grid type, covering a wide range of management topics. The tools and frameworks are grouped together by topic, in sets of about 20. Each tool includes a brief description and reference; scroll down to view.
Provides the full report published by European Commission in 1998, titled as “Technology Management Guideline”.
This is a lecture designed to teach technology management to developing country firms supported and developed by UNIDO.

This EU project presents an innovation audit for companies and offers an online feedback report free of charge.
This is the web site for the “Innovation Management and the Knowledge-driven Economy” report published by European Commission in 2004.
Provides the full report published by European Commission in 2006, titled as “InnoSupport: Supporting Innovation in SMEs” in 2006, whose study presents tools in 10 distinct categories.
A resource for business people, academics and policy makers to share and collaborated around innovation and its management. aims to provide instructors and students in the area of innovation and technology management a place to find resources to help them in their learning and teaching.
A report on innovation management.
InnovationTools provides entrepreneurs and innovators with a focused, growing collection of the best resources on business innovation, creativity and brainstorming.
Provides wide range of news on inventions.
It includes information about design.
EIM’s Public Knowledge Web on SMEs and Entrepreneurship. This website contains PDF versions of more than 200 reports written in English, including General Reports (also available in print) and Research Reports (electronic working papers).
The InnovationWizard, a turn–key, dynamic innovation website filled with information, idea stimulators and mini–workshops that can be linked to an organisation’s intranet, and a host of other tools for stimulating the mind–set and processes of innovation.