Technology Management

Activities and Tools

by Dilek Cetindamar, Rob Phaal & David Probert
This text provides a contemporary insight into a systems approach to understanding and resolving the many challenges facing engineering and technology managers today. In the continually changing face of new and often disruptive technology, it is refreshing to find a clearly defined yet flexible framework for thinking through and clarifying the core parameters affecting the technology management decision making process. -Allan McLay, RMIT University, Australia.
This book is a perfect combination of breadth and depth. It enables students to embed the typical technology management activities in a comprehensive framework and gives you concrete tools to actually execute technology management. -Holger Schiele, University of Twente, the Netherlands.
This book provides insights into the range of important topics, practical tools and techniques for decision making concerned with technology development processes. It is ideal for business and engineering students – as well as practitioners and managers – due to its clear emphasis on practical relevance and well prepared case examples. -Frank Tietze, University of Cambridge, UK.