Public Sector Management

Mission Impossible?

by Ian Chaston

About this book

Most public sector management theories evolved during the economically stable second half of the 20th century and need to be reconsidered in an increasingly uncertain world. Taking an innovative new approach, this book uses both theory and case material to examine how development of strategic plans driven by entrepreneurship and innovation can assist public sector organisations implement solutions to sustain delivery of most or all of their service despite facing major budget cuts.

Public Sector Management: Mission Impossible is an essential resource for final year undergraduate and postgraduate students studying public sector management and MPA students.

About the author

IAN CHASTON is a Professor of Management at Plymouth University Business School, UK.

Table of Contents

  • Sector Evolution
  • Troubled Reformation
  • The Breaking Storm
  • Ethics, Stakeholders and Values
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership
  • Analysis Tools
  • Demand Analysis
  • Technology
  • Internal Competence Assessment
  • Issues and Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Implementing Actions
  • Implementation Errors
  • Governance
  • Future Opportunities