Legal Skills

by Lisa Cherkassky, Julia Cressey, Christopher Gale, Jessiva Guth, Ilias Kapsis, Robin Lister, William Onzivu & Steve Rook

About this book

​The areas covered are -

An introduction to law:
  • The English Legal System and its sources – what the law is, and where it comes from
  • Finding your way around a law library
  • Legal research – from introductory to more advanced techniques:Critical thinking and legal reasoning
Essential academic skills
  • Critical thinking and legal reasoning
  • Writing and presenting clearly
  • Studying effectively and dealing successfully with exams
Practical skills and career planning:
  • Communicating as a lawyer, including advocacy and mooting
  • People skills such as networking, leadership and negotiation
  • Career development – the options available, and how to plan for them
The text is written in a lively and engaging style and includes a wide variety of learning materials and exercises, designed to test your knowledge as you read.

The authors bring a wide-ranging knowledge of the law and legal methods, and a broad appreciation of the issues and challenges faced by today's law students. With this book, they have produced a compendium of useful information and valuable advice that will be real assistance to law students at all stages of the degree programme.

About the authors

The author team are all present or former members of staff at Bradford University Law School, UK.

Table of Contents


  1. The English Legal System and its Sources
  2. Using a Law Library
  3. Legal Research


  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Written and Oral Communication
  3. Study Skills


  1. Professional Communication
  2. People Skills
  3. Career Development