Acting Professionally

Raw facts about careers in acting

by Robert Cohen and James Calleri

A gallery of headshots and résumés

The four photos and accompanying résumés in this gallery were selected by this book’s co-author, James Calleri, as particularly effective in representing the young professional actors that the Calleri Casting office has called in for auditions in the past year. In brief captions, Calleri explains why these photos captured the attention of him and his casting colleagues.
Sohee Yun photo

Sohee Yun

​Beautiful, accessible, feminine, very little makeup makes it a natural beauty.
Photo: Matthew Dunivan

Jarvis Dewayne Griggs photo

Jarvis Dewayne Griggs

Great pop of color, straightforward, confident, eyes zero in on you.
Photo: Matthew Dunivan

Sepideh Moafi photo

Sepideh Moafi

Easy appeal, direct, exotic, captivating, easy beauty.
Photo: Gene Mollica

Dan Amboyer photo

Dan Amboyer

Charming, sexy, confident, classy shot. Puts you at ease.
Photo: Luke Fontana