Global Sociology

Third edition

by Robin Cohen and Paul Kennedy

About the companion website

This companion website provides a host of innovative learning and teaching materials for students and lecturers, including bonus chapters, revision questions, think pieces and photo essays for students, and PowerPoints, group work activities and useful links to online teaching resources for lecturers.

Access sample resources.

Material for lecturers

Lecturers who adopt this textbook have access to materials on the password-protected ‘lecturer zone’ of the website. This zone offers teaching support and other resources, including:
  • PowerPoint lecture slides for each chapter, including key points and definitions, learning objectives and relevant figures and tables, which you can edit for your own use
  • A comprehensive lecturer manual consisting of group work activities for seminars, guideline answers to the ‘A pause to reflect’ features and ‘Questions and assignments’, suggestions on how to use the book on different courses, and useful links to online teaching resources.

Material for students

Students can freely access all the material on the companion website, consisting of:
  • Bonus chapters on health, lifestyle and the body, the social and cultural effects of tourism, and sport in a global age
  • Annotated weblinks divided by chapter to sites on public sociology, sociological research, journal articles on sociology, key sociological thinkers, sociological data and other primary sources
  • Extensions of the Global Thinkers features in the textbook, including links to sources to find out more
  • Self-test questions for revision purposes
  • An interactive sociology timeline containing information on key dates in the history of the discipline and linking back to the textbook
  • Think pieces which expand on interesting sociological topics touched on in the textbook
  • Photo essays which illustrate particular contemporary topics, again expanding on coverage in the textbook
  • A video interview with Robin Cohen on diaspora