Global Sociology

Third edition

by Robin Cohen and Paul Kennedy

Endorsements for Global Sociology

Just think for a moment of the 'global events' that are changing the world: 9/11, the financial crisis, climate change, Fukushima, the Arab Spring. They all came by total surprise, which means they are beyond our normal sociological categories and global in their scope and implications. That's the reason why students and professors of sociology more than ever need the information in and inspiration from Global Sociology. - Ulrich Beck, University of Munich, Germany
From the slums of Brazil to the internet cafes of Iran, this book guides the reader through the complex, turbulent but endlessly fascinating terrain of a globalizing world. Elegantly written, rich in examples, very up to date and astonishingly comprehensive, it is the best possible introduction to the social scientific study of globalization. - David Inglis, University of Aberdeen, UK
This remarkably comprehensive textbook makes a convincing case for the study of sociology from a global perspective. Showing that globalization is indeed a powerful force in the contemporary world, the authors incorporate concrete global issues in their accessible presentation of changing social relations. -This is an attribution text below a quote if quoted.
This new edition is an outstanding update of what I believe to be the best textbook for introducing undergraduates to global sociology. With a rich array of new examples, clear definitions of concepts and crisp theoretical summaries, it offers students a vision for participating as engaged citizens in a diverse, interdependent and sustainable world. -Paul Lubeck, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA