Global Sociology

Third edition

by Robin Cohen and Paul Kennedy

New for the third edition

Global Sociology is the authority on global issues in contemporary society, and the new edition has been thoroughly updated to include discussions of contemporary topics and events such as the Arab Spring, the recession, the trend towards individualization, social media, and the Occupy Wall Street movement. It also contains completely new sections on finance and economic sociology, family, technology, and the environment.

The new edition incorporates more analysis of other perspectives, such as those from anthropology, political science, economics and political economy, to provide a complete picture of globalization and what sociology and other disciplines have to say about it. It also includes more in-depth debates on sociological theory and key sociological terms, and the all-new ‘A pause to reflect’ feature asks students to engage critically with what they have just read.

Global Sociology has been reconfigured and streamlined to better map on to typical courses and to allow for stronger linkages and cross-references to be made between similar ideas and themes throughout the book. It also has an all-new ‘look’, with an engaging page design, plentiful figures and tables to elucidate the theory, and the inclusion of new photographs to illustrate the key points, accompanied by captions which encourage critical thinking.