Global Sociology

Third edition

by Robin Cohen and Paul Kennedy

Table of contents

Introduction to the third edition

Part one: Interpretations

  1. The making of global sociology
  2. Thinking globally
  3. Modernity and the evolution of world society
  4. Work, production and finance
  5. Political sociology: changing nation states

Part two: Divisions and inequalities

  1. Global inequalities: the victims
  2. Class, income and wealth
  3. Gender and sexualities
  4. Race, ethnicity and intersectionality
  5. Corporate power and social responsibility
  6. Crime, terrorism and violence

Part three: Experiences

  1. Population and migration
  2. Globalization, families and social change
  3. Consuming culture
  4. Lifestyle and leisure
  5. Media and the digital age
  6. Global religion
  7. Urban life
  8. Global civil society and political activism
  9. Towards an environmentally safe world
  10. Identities and belonging
  11. Conclusion: global uncertainties and ways forward