Business Research

A Practical Guide for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

by Jill Collis and Roger Hussey


One of the best Research Methods texts available. It is well structured and takes students through the ‘maze’ of research methods, making what is often a new and challenging subject highly accessible. This fourth edition will be a valuable resource to all research students at whatever level. Its strong student focus makes it stand out, and the end of chapter activities and online resources provide a wealth of support for students embarking on research. A pleasure to review and read.-Jan Rae, London South Bank University, UK
Since the first edition became available I have recommended Collis and Hussey’s Business Research to colleagues and students alike. Undertaking research is always a challenge but Collis and Hussey lead us through the research maze in an uncomplicated manner. The textbook is easy to follow and provides a clear and logical exposition of complex theoretical and practical research related concepts; it also stimulates interest in business research by encouraging further reading. I applaud the inclusion of research ethics, the distinction between mixed methods and multiple methods, given its emerging relevance in contemporary research. The chapter on analysing qualitative data further enhances the standing of this edition. Particularly useful to students are the guidelines on preparing a research proposal and the advice provided on troubleshooting.
-Lynette Louw, Rhodes University, South Africa
I am impressed by both the range of subjects the book covers and the simple clarity of the explanations it provides. It is never easy introducing students to more abstract ideas of how science relates to the practical world of business, and this book will be an excellent aid in helping students move from descriptive to analytical writing.
-John McCormack, University of Bristol, UK
This new edition is nicely laid out and an easy text for both students and researchers to follow. The detailed chapters on both qualitative data analysis and basic statistical analysis mean this text has strengths over other research methods texts on the market which often focus on one or the other, making this text good value for money.
-Kristel Miller, Queen’s University Management School, UK
An appealing cohesiveness between practical advice on how to select specific research activities (and how to find solutions) while also indicating how to reflect on these choices and their consequences on the outcome of a research project.
-Bartjan Pennink, University of Groningen, the Netherlands